Edgemont School District Mission Statement:

The Edgemont School District 23-1 exists for the academic, social, and physical growth of all students.

Superintendent's Corner

November 2018

Happy Fall!

The crisp mornings, beautiful afternoon sunshine, and falling leaves we have been enjoying have certainly made me feel good. I do love living in an area that has definite seasons, even if they do not last for equal amounts of time.

Red Ribbon Week 2018

Red Ribbon Week 2018

While a few red leaves are left decorating the trees outside my window, red ribbons are festooning the hallways in recognition of the Red Ribbon Campaign. This Campaign is sponsored by an organization that originally was organized by parents who were determined to play a leadership role in drug prevention as a way to protect their kids. This organization has grown into the National Family Partnership whose mission is to promote the well-being of our youth. Red Ribbon Week is one of their annual awareness activities, but there are others. If you are interested in learning more, redribbon.org is a great resource.

Along with the red ribbons and posters decorating our hallways, our learners are participating in several activities promoting healthy and safe lifestyles. Along with drug-free awareness, the elementary has seen a program about bullying. The middle and high school learners met with Hollie Strand about Internet safety and how to protect themselves from predators who exploit children. Hollie also presented to parents and the community. The information that she shared was, frankly, terrifying. The internet is a powerful tool and, like all tools, can be used as a powerful weapon. There really are scary people in our world who do not care about our children, and we as parents and community have to be aware and teach our kids to be as well. Education about proper use and what to do when this tool is misused is a message that we all must share with our children. She left much information that is posted on our website (edgemont.k12.sd.us). Please do go there and start these hard conversations with the children in your lives.

Besides all of the red ribbons in the hallway, we have been wading through some of the red tape that goes along with public education. The state will publish the school report cards next month. We can discuss that information as it is published, and if anyone has any questions about it, please come in and ask. We can try to work through all of the data together.

There really is a lot of red tape that goes along with public education, and sometimes it seems it can get in the way of the good things that we are trying to do, which is to educate our learners so they can go out and be successful in any field they are passionate about. Recently, five of us from the district attended a conference called Systems Change, which is about innovations in education that can make our system more relevant to the society that we live in today. I came home from this conference with a renewed sense of the moral imperative we have to prepare our learners for the future. This is difficult, since we don’t really know what the future looks like. However, I am proud to say that our little district is a leader in the innovations that are coming in education and in providing the kind of academic foundation that will enable them to be successful in this unknown future.

Anyone who has talked to me probably knows that I absolutely have a fire in my belly about our school. I am so passionate and am so excited about the opportunities that we can provide our learners in our small, rural community. Over the course of the next few months, we are going to be working on renewing our district vision. Please accept invitations you see to participate in this work, as it affects all of us, not just the teachers and the learners in the school building. Again, thank you for sharing your students with us. Seeing your students and learning with them is truly what brings us to work every day.

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