Edgemont School District Mission Statement:

The Edgemont School District 23-1 exists for the academic, social, and physical growth of all students.

Superintendent's Corner

April 2019

As these days get longer and the sun gets stronger, it sure lifts the spirits and makes everyone antsy to get outside. I have certainly enjoyed seeing and hearing the birds coming back. It has given me hope that we are going to get out of the dark and cold times of winter; I am certainly ready!

Frosty Plants

Welcome, Spring!

With the return of spring comes the return of “testing season.” Over the course of the next month, all of our students grades 3-8 and 11 will be participating in the Smarter Balanced tests. The rest of the learners will also be testing. These test scores provide data about each student’s growth over the course of the year and how they are progressing toward completing our program.

Though these tests are not high stakes for our learners, it is still important that they do their best for a number of reasons. The results of these tests are reflected on our district’s report card. It is one source of data that teachers and administration use when evaluating the strengths and areas of need in our academic program. Again, though these tests are not high stakes for our learners, it is one source of data that teachers look at when evaluating a student’s progress over the course of the year and readiness for the next.

There are steps that parents can do at home to help prepare for test taking. I have noticed in my own house that it is getting harder to enforce a bed time with the sun staying up later. However, maintaining a regular schedule of going to sleep and waking up is important. Having a good breakfast that will stick with your learner until lunch time also helps with brain function. Encouraging your kids to do their best, to “show off what they know,” reinforces what the teachers are telling them at school. We don’t want our learners to panic or suffer anxiety over the tests; again, these scores are not the only data source that we look at when evaluating students. Please just emphasize that testing is a way to show what they know.

Make sure you look at the school calendar and plan times to come up to the school. Our learners are showcasing some of the things they have been doing. The Fine Arts Fair, the Senior Experience Open House, the sports awards, band and choir programs, the academic awards night: I love how many opportunities our students have to show off, not just on the athletic field. I also appreciate how much our community comes out to support them and to admire how well our students do. I really believe that our community is unique in how supportive they are, and I am proud that our school is a partner in raising such fine citizens.

Prom Royalty 2019