Edgemont School District Mission Statement:

The Edgemont School District 23-1 exists for the academic, social, and physical growth of all students.

Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Edgemont School District!

Edgemont School District is tucked in the far southwest corner of South Dakota, just miles from the Nebraska and Wyoming borders. Edgemont School District is a K-12 school with approximately 170 students. Elementary, Middle School and High School are at one complex. The school has been on a four day school week for several years. School is Monday-Thursday from 7:50-3:40. The district is able to offer High School students a variety of classes and electives. Also the school is fortunate to have a large number of local scholarships offered to the senior class.

Dave Cortney, Superintendent

Dave Cortney, Superintendent

In conjunction with the school, the Edgemont YMCA has after-school and summer programs for students in grades Kindergarten through 5th. The Edgemont School is an integral part of the Edgemont Community, with the community being very active supporters of the many extracurricular programs the school offers. Edgemont School is a small school dedicated to providing a quality education to all students.